Types of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are a versatile and cost-effective solution for short to medium-term transportation of goods. A shipping container is simply a container with sufficient strength capable to withstand handling, storage, and shipping. Shipping containers range in size from large, reusable steel units used for intermodal shipping to the ubiquitous 18-wheelers used for household and commercial deliveries. In fact, shipping containers can be used to transport just about anything under the sun-and they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. These versatile containers are the perfect solution for short to medium-term transporting needs. Let’s look at the different types of shipping containers and what they can be used for.

shipping containers

Single Container Shipment: These are large, single-storey shipping containers used to ship small loads of perishables. Available in both stacked and unstacked varieties, single Container shipping containers are commonly used to ship fresh produce, livestock, and other perishable goods. They are also ideal for off-road transportation of wood and other fuels.

Over Container Shipment: These are shipping containers that are taller and wider than their single-storey counterparts. They have the capacity to hold over 100 tons of goods, are generally strong enough to support the weight of the cargo they house, and are widely available. Over Container shipping containers are generally used to transport bulk materials and products. In addition to their massive storage space, they also offer the advantage of easy access by the public. They tend to be made of galvanized steel construction and come with locks or security plates to prevent unauthorized access.

Multi Container Shipment: These are extremely heavy containers used to ship goods in large groups. Commonly used to ship items such as cement, bulk coal, cement, grain, textiles, and machinery assemblies, multi Container shipments are very secure due to their size and weight. They provide a higher degree of flexibility than single containers and can even accommodate vehicles. Multi Container shipments also feature on-site loading ramp access to reduce the overall transport time.

Dormant Storage Container Shipment: This is one of the oldest types of shipping container available and remains the most popular. A ‘Dormant Storage’ container has no cargo space but provides protection from elements such as wind and rain. The reason for this type of container being outdated is because they are not environmentally-friendly. While this type of shipping container may be ideal for seasonal storage during periods of high demand, they are not the best choice for long-term shipping needs.

As shipping containers become more prevalent in our lives, so do the types of containers available for their storage. However, regardless of the type of shipping container you choose, the goal is to protect your goods from harsh weather conditions and to make sure that they arrive to their destination safely. Choosing a shipping container option can enhance or hinder your profits, but it all comes down to your specific needs and what you need done to get your shipment to its desired destination. Regardless of which container you choose, always ensure that you hire a reputable company to ship your goods.