A Concrete Cutting Machines Primer

Concrete cutting

Concrete cutting services are a procedure of efficiently removing concrete, brick, pavers, sand and other aggregates from job sites. These aggregate materials are removed using power-driven concrete saws or excavating machines. Skilled workers use specialized saws to cut asphalt and concrete with utmost precision, accuracy and most of all, very few errors. In the old days, concrete cutting firms would usually use large jack hammers to pulverize the concrete, however that method left the material dusty and messy.

This has given concrete cutting services a revolutionary makeover. Today, concrete cutting services employ state-of-the-art diamond-tipped saws or high-powered water jetting machines to slash concrete. Diamond-tipped saws emit ultra high speed abrasive fluids for superior adhesion removal. Water jetting is used to speed up the process and remove small aggregate pieces. These two processes leave the material much more clean and dry than the conventional methods.

Concrete core cutting services use a concrete cutter with diamond tungsten carbide teeth. These carbide teeth sharpen, cut and polish concrete to a perfect paste. This paste is then rammed into forms and shapes according to customer specifications. Most contractors prefer to use this form of concrete cutting due to the fact that core cutting does not leave dust and mess on the surface of the ground. However, because of its extremely high-speed action, concrete cutting also requires a lot of manual labor as well.

There are different types of equipment used for concrete cutting like: electric saws, gas-powered saws and concrete cutting machines. However, there is one more option that can give you a fast, safe, efficient, clean and even a more economic concrete cutting service – concrete grinding and sawing. Grinding and sawing machines can take care of the concrete cutting work for you at the same time as you cut it so it’s like having two machines in one. In fact, some grinding and sawing machines are capable of cutting and grinding concrete to the thickness of 12 inches without the help of a worker, making it ideal for DIY projects.

You can either choose from a small portable saw to a huge multi-purpose industrial wire saw that can cut trees and bigger materials. If you want to be creative and put yourself forward in the business, you should consider renting or buying a wire saw. There are all kinds of models of wire saws such as gas, electric, cordless and pneumatic. Electric saws are great for those who cut concrete in large quantities, pneumatic saws can cut smaller areas more quickly and effortlessly, and cordless concrete cutters are better options if you’re out in the field where you need to get to high places. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type.

Cold chiseling is another option that you can use for larger cutting tasks like cutting circles and rectangular shapes. It involves using a rotating blade that comes with diamond crystals embedded in the teeth. The diamond particles are supposed to be a higher quality than other cutting methods. Cold chiseling cuts concrete at a very shallow angle and is ideal for architectural detailing and flooring applications. There are also circular saws that come with diamond blades but these are not as popular as cold chiseling saws because of the cost involved. They are more appropriate for architectural detailing.