Unveiling the Mystique of Sunstone in Iolite: A Radiant Gemstone Fusion

Iolite, also called water sapphire, has a beautiful blue to violet color that is seen through clear or milky quartz. It resonates with the Third Eye and your psychic powers. It is a powerful Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra stone that brings prosperity. It carries the energies of Ra, the Egyptian sun god. The Vikings used it as a compass to guide their voyages because the stone’s various hues of blue to violet would change with the direction of the northern or southern skies.

This is a crystal combination stone, formed when two associate minerals are growing at the same time in close proximity and eventually fuse together. This stone has a rare property of chatoyancy, caused by the orientation of fine acicular inclusions in the iolite half. In the case of this blue and red iolite, the chatoyancy is caused by a mixture of orange aventurescence (a sparkling glitter effect from tiny copper-colored hematite platelet inclusions) in the iolite half and red hematite in the sunstone half.

In spiritual terms, sunstone in iolite stimulates the third-eye and crown chakras to aid in spiritual visions. It encourages lucid dreaming and interdimensional travel, while grounding Iolite’s dreamy frequency into clear expression in the physical plane. It is also a wonderful stone for connecting with spirit guides and angels.

This gemstone enables you to let go of old emotional baggage and move forward with your life. It soothes emotional wounds, especially when they stem from financial and love issues. It helps you to get out of desperate situations, whether relational or financial, and gives you the courage to take steps toward your personal power. It also promotes a balanced and healthy relationship with money and love.

Iolite-Sunstone will help you develop your own unique gifts, talents and abilities. It encourages you to express your creativity in a variety of ways and to find the balance between your intellectual and intuitive sides. It is a great stone for artists, writers and other creative types who wish to bring more joy into their lives. It is particularly useful in balancing the creative energy of those who tend to over-think or analyze their work.

It is a good stone to use for attracting abundance and for strengthening the aura against money blocks and negative energy. It works well in relationships to reduce the tendency for arguing or being critical, and it is helpful for improving communication with one’s partner. Iolite is also a good choice for anyone who wishes to start a new business or project, because it inspires the desire for success.

Iolite-Sunstone is also a beneficial stone for artists, musicians and other creatives who wish to connect with higher energies to receive guidance in their creative endeavors. It is especially good for those who are struggling with weight issues and can be used to help balance the body and mind in order to achieve the ideal weight. To use this stone for this purpose, place it next to a plant for a few hours to charge it with the energies of the earth and then carry the stone on your left side throughout the day.