How to Choose Movers

If you’re moving across the country or the street, movers can pack up your belongings and transport them for you. Moving companies may also offer cleaning, storage, auto transport and pet relocation services.

When choosing movers, you need to know what services they offer and how much they cost. A few of these movers specialize in specific items, such as pianos or artwork. Others may have special moving equipment, such as stair climbers and ramps. Many movers provide free estimates, either online or by phone, and many offer flat rates. You should also consider what types of service you need, such as packing and loading only or unpacking and reassembling furniture.

Full service movers will pack up your belongings for you, including boxes, bubble wrap and other supplies. They can also disassemble and reassemble furniture such as beds and tables. These movers will also handle your electronics and home entertainment systems. They will load the furniture, electronics and other items onto a truck and transport them to your new home. They will give you a window for when your belongings will arrive, so that you can plan accordingly.

These movers will take apart and disassemble any furniture they can’t move on their own, such as bunk beds and cribs. They will also provide you with a list of all the items they’ve packed, indicating which ones have been disassembled and reassembled. They will also provide you with a copy of the inventory of your belongings, which you can use to track them during the move.

Local movers are more flexible with their schedules than long distance movers, so they can be a good option if you’re moving within a few days or weeks. These movers may also be cheaper than hiring a full-service mover, as they often charge by the hour rather than by the weight or volume of your belongings.

Most of these movers are licensed, insured and certified by the Better Business Bureau. They’re also rated by customers through an independent review site, giving you a chance to see what other people have to say about each company. You can even find a few that are certified by the Federal Maritime Commission, which means they’re qualified to handle moves across state lines.

If you have any damage or loss during your move, make sure to notify the moving company IN WRITING as soon as possible. The company must respond to your claim within 30 days and resolve the issue within 120 days, or you can file a claim in Small Claims Court. If your claim is denied, you can file a complaint with the DOT. In some cases, the moving company will settle your claim by paying you compensation in addition to reimbursing you for lost items. If you don’t want to risk losing your hard-earned money, it’s best to choose a reputable moving company with good customer reviews.