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Campad Electronics

Campad Electronics see more is a leading electronic appliance store and distributor specialized in car cradles, mobile phones, radio equipment and many other home and office related appliances. Campad Electronics has a huge range of appliances, ranging from small handy devices, to large LCD TV’s and refrigerators. Their stores are located in major towns and cities worldwide.

Campad Electronics has been a trusted name in the world of consumer electronics for over 15 years running their business with a passion and an immense amount of knowledge gained from their vast years of real world experience. They have earned a very good reputation in the industry. This is because they keep a very large variety of products that are all high quality products. They offer their products at competitive prices with a real world experience in their stores. Their motto is “High quality, low prices” and these values have not changed. This is why they are proud to retail some of the best products in the market today.

Campad Electronics has a wide range of products and one of these products is the Campad Lite car kit, which is their most popular product. The Campad Lite car kit is composed of a fully built radio that has a waterproof antenna, a wall charger, car cradle, wall mounts for mobile broadband antennas and an outdoor power outlet. This radio has a hands free technology and can also be used as a portable hand held device. This car kit has a very comprehensive instruction manual, making it very easy for anyone to purchase and use.

Campad Electronics proudly retails one of the most extensive range of mobile phone accessories. Their selection includes digital rain gauges, compact, digital cameras, car kits, ear phones, GPS units, hands free kit, solar chargers, USB chargers, car docks, cigarette lighter, car stereos and a range of other mobile phone accessories. There is an extensive knowledge gained from the wide range of their products, ensuring that the customer will get the product that best suits his requirements.

Campad Electronics has a complete range of outdoor speakers and outdoor audio speakers that are ideal for all occasions. These speakers have been designed to cater for different needs and budgets. There is a comprehensive range of outdoor speakers that are perfect for pool parties, barbecues and any other parties where music is a must. Campad Electronics has a full range of Bluetooth car kits, with the option of using it with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. These car kits come with a wall mount for antennas, wall plugs for mobile phone cables and a set of batteries that can be used to power up the speakers. The speaker can also be used to boost the sound of your vehicle stereo system.

Campad Electronics proudly retails some of the best mobile phone accessories. Their comprehensive range of products are made to ensure that they meet all the demands of customers. The products from this brand are made to suit all kinds of budgets. It is the brand that has the vast experience in manufacturing mobile phone accessories and hence, the products offered by them are of the best quality. So, if you want to experience a whole new world of mobile phone accessories, it is always better to go for a Campad Electronics product.